Consider that a new addition to our small "team" may speed up development, coupled with features that fit into the goals of StoryDev, and a full release may come sooner than expected.
A discussion about a new language in concept.
StoryDev's codebase is growing, and so too will its features and the ways in which components interact. So far, we spent
We have a matter of importance. It is predicated on expanding the mind beyond the intoxication of fermented fruit drinks

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One would assume that almost a month of no content means that something has intervened in the method of creating somethi
In the past two weeks, much work has been done in two separate projects. The first, of course, is StoryDev, where simula
Since the last article on Simulations, not much has unfortunately been done. Although the bank holiday weekend allowed f
We have here a piece of software that does nothing. There. That's your announcement. Thank you for reading. TL;DR This i
That's right, we are tracking a whole bunch of data for OUR convenience. It is meta data relating to... wait for it... o
If IDEs (Integrated Development Environments) have debuggers, the ability to track variables and check performance, why
StoryDev is really starting to show it's true form. Our conversation system involves much discussing, and in this articl
Let's break off from our usual suspect articles and talk about something more interesting. Since the upcoming feature in
This is an example of when programming can be enjoyable. You've got a problem you need to solve which, in this case, is
Let's discuss the less interesting system first. Achievements. We get it in every game, and there seems to be an inheren

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