Twinspire Software is a one-man studio based in the United Kingdom. Built with performance in mind, we will be promoting a culture of good or even decent programming practices that outperforms its competition purely on the way people program.

And it is because of the way we program or certain tools that we use that we believe we are doing good. It is understandable if we are making shortcuts because we need to pay rent, etc., but people who actively promote bad programming practices by ignoring how computer's work and work against them are failing all of us.

As the Handmade Manifesto says:

We made it slow.
Not necessarily you, not necessarily me, not necessarily any single person in particular. But we, the software development community, made it slow by ignoring the fundamental reality of our occupation. We write code, code that runs on computers. ... Real computers not built for ease of human understanding but for blindingly, incomprehensibly fast speed.

At Twinspire, we will be following this path very closely. When we write code, we will make sure the APIs and the libraries make sense. They are built with simplicity in mind while also working with the computer. We operate with the structure of arrays approach wherever possible and use procedural-style code, even in the object-oriented language of Haxe (macros make this possible).

This is why we have chosen Kha to build our libraries in Haxe, since it supports a very simple and approachable library of tools which makes life easy for us.

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