Since the last article on Simulations, not much has unfortunately been done. Although the bank holiday weekend allowed for much development time, it also allowed for time spent away from home, meeting new people and making new friends, especially during a time such as this.

I'm sure many people would prefer to "cleverly" point out that the idea of isolating oneself from the world of humans, never to touch a soul again, because of a virus which has not yet proven to be an apocalyptic event, might also want to take into consideration the psychological and mental effects of doing so. We all like to play the card that is "you are a danger to society", despite simply seeing people you wish to see because it helps us maintain our psychological health.

Who freaking knew that contact with other people helps you psychologically? This isn't just about freedom, this is a basic human need. Deprive the need to socialise from any human, and you will get psychological torment on a level not seen since the March lockdown, which saw mental health-line calls skyrocket and suicide rates soar through the roof.

As Johiah, the daughter of the royal family in the upcoming video game, Age of Atlantis, says:

Imagine living a life where your only freedom is limited to confined places, where are you are unlikely to be a danger to society, kept under wraps and forced to remain silent.

Apologies to start this article on a low, but this is not something I personally wish to experience. And I call out all of those people who claim others do not do enough to protect society from a virus, deadly or otherwise, under the pretext of protecting families and children, when the measures imposed requiring us to do likewise have deadlier effects than the virus itself. It is a level of hypocrisy you cannot ignore. These people are either idiots of the highest order or just out-right psychopaths.

Anyone who calls for the genocide of children to an extent that is hypocritical and far outweighs the efforts of doing the opposite to the rules should be thrown in jail and the keys thrown in the ocean, because there's no point keeping them.

How about a lighter note?

Aye. And a long big sigh. It is hard to imagine a world without politics, but sometimes some things just have to be said, especially to those dumb enough STILL, after all this time, not sussing things out. It's mind-numbing and people need to seriously wake up. No more child suicides, please, and stop encouraging it, bloody psychopaths!

An even lighter note?

Yes. Okay. I get it. Let's get onto the article proper.

This is a tracker. It does stuff. Okay, now what's this about health services downplaying suicide numbers, again? No, sorry! Sorry! We already talked about that...


Actually, you will find the tracker has different values. That is because work has now completed (although some parts untested) on the Simulation Engine itself. Most of the scripting is not yet fully functional, only the functions for testing have been implemented, like AdjustFrequency, which, as you can see above, has different values depending on either Worst or Best Outcome.

Now we can truly start using this to work on the video game properly without too much effort.

There are currently features in place for a Call-Back system and Messages. Messages will most likely be implemented as this will help with validating story and game data, but the call-back system may be a beneficial feature implemented at a later point in time.

Other than this, which mostly involved working on bugs and implementing it asynchronously (for performance - just imagine hundreds of conversations), there has also been an additional form added for Preferences, allowing for a small list of customisable items, but there is not enough to demonstrate at present.

A New Schedule

To accommodate slower progress as well as more time spent away from the computer, posts will be released fortnightly on a Wednesday or close to midweek. This also means longer, more detailed posts as well as less time thinking about writing articles.

As for my earlier tangent, think this in a serious tone with uplifting comedic value for good measure when imagining the results of the final video game.

Saniyah : One minute, you're upset and look like you're reacting to a Playboy Circus Freak.
Saniyah : The next you're up and down crazier than drug-induced honeymooners in Red Light District.

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