We have a matter of importance. It is predicated on expanding the mind beyond the intoxication of fermented fruit drinks, defeating the tires of loathing daily hindrances brought on by dependence to unacquainted hallucinogenic pathogens, and developing incompetence beyond a level normally seen in the soberness of the writer.

No, really, this one is drunk and continues incessantly. Curiously, the written results are more readable than when not drunk. Don't ask how that works.

Speaking Nonsense to a Crowd of Intelligence

Assuming the drunken state normally exhibits behaviour contradictory to the sober, the contents of this article must therefore be nonsense. Let's continue.

StoryDev Released and Upgrading

We were going to make an official announcement on our official website eventually, but other things intervened (read above).

StoryDev has finally been released, and that means wonderful things for the open source community.

Well, that is to be said, but that doesn't mean it is complete. This is a Beta release, and many more features, to be discussed below, is yet to be implemented.

The "Website"

You know that "new" website we were working on, for this one.

Normally, when the mind has clarity and you set yourself a goal, you are dead-set on completing it. Sometimes some projects don't see itself through to completion. We all do it. We believe a project will make it, but in actuality, there is something telling us that it isn't worth it.

This is not just typical programmer behaviour, it happens to everyone. It matters not what the subject is or the type of project, some ideas are not worth following through.

Our subconscious is an incredible device that cannot be ignored for ego and persistence in arrogance. When we are told "greater things will come", they will come, so long as you follow your intuition. Sometimes what appears logical is not always the right thing to do.

While I fight a personal battle (again, see above), there is yet intuition telling to continue. My brain is almost a disconnect from what is truth, if that makes any sense to the reader, and as such, although I type this after drinking almost three 500ml drinks at 8.5% alcoholic volume, my cognitive functioning remains very high.

Still, instead of the website I planned to make as replacement to this one, StoryDev will in fact get its own website.

StoryDev Gets a Custom-Built Website

Brain and intuition separately battling the same necessary fights, with intuition comes the logic to continue coding under extremities. It's like a painful relationship. You start with a good relationship going sour quickly, but with constant arguing you both realise something has to be done.

Although the fight is not over, you realise factors that exist in both your lives affect your relationship, and you don't know what it is. Sometimes you think there is something at the end of the tunnel, leading you out of this nightmare and allowing an exit into total healing and equilibrium. Other times, you just have to find alternative solutions.

If only the former worked with HTML5 and CSS3 and JavaScript. But no, apologies to all web designers and developers, but as I am primarily a video games developer, website design and development is a nightmare in and of itself. Instead, the StoryDev website will be designed using Haxe and Kha. The two go together like Twin Flames on the Egyptian Pyramids of Giza.

As for web design in general, don't let it be a suffering if you are truly not into it. It's not worth the constant madness associated with its insufferable OOP methodology.

Thinking Dynamic

Although design has just started, the idea behind Dynamics in the Conversation Editor of StoryDev is to provide more coherent branching for more complicated conditions.

As story progresses, it is likely you will want to expand your conditions more and more. Considering the options already available in StoryDev, it only makes sense to divide each conversation into separate Dynamics, associated with either Character Attitudes, the Attitudes each Character has towards another, Group Frequency or certain specific Contexts.

This will do nothing to the conversations themselves. This will simply add an organisational method to the editor as well as create a visual indicator in the branch designer which "Option Conditional" – what is technically created from the Dynamics – is associated with which Dynamic.

There will also be tasks available providing information regarding the completion of certain Dynamics.

Let's say, you have three child branches leading from a parent. The parent has two Dynamics, one for Saniyah being Angry and another for Saniyah being Happy.

In the Dynamic Saniyah is Happy, each of the three child branches have text respective of this Attitude, while the conversation between her and her sister are completely different in a different Dynamic.

If any one conversation is "incomplete", this will be indicated by the fact that we have not specified it as complete. These options are purely editor based and do not affect the conversation files in any way.

As sometimes mentioned before, these features have not been implemented, but this can and will be served as a guide for the development of such features.

The Scripting Interface

The Scripting Interface has been added into the Development branch of the GitHub repo, and although much has yet to be completed, this will come with the next Beta release, along with the above.

Yes, I do realise simulation recording is a button in the Simulation interface not doing anything, that will come, but it's not high priority at the moment.

Anyway, in this interface, we are able to create files, at least under Data Modules, which actually does something.

Do you see the "Modules" menu at the top?

That's right. The script entitled "Items.hxs" is actually a client-side script that creates a Module under this menu, and we use the C# library Jint to execute this code.

Currently, work is being done on a Form Designer, meaning that there will eventually be search options plus a fully custom Form Designer allowing for complete control over how each Data Module should appear.

Did I say this was turning into a fully-fledged video game designer and engine? Well, let that sink in. It's free, it's open source. What more could you want?

Unless you work in a team, you can use this software for your own purposes, commercial or otherwise.

Check it out.

Okay, that's all there is to know. This is Luke, over and out.

Developer at home, customer services at work. In my free-time, I enjoy writing and coding.