Let's begin with cookies.

There are none.

No, really. We do not use cookies to either track or seemingly store temporarily any data in your web browser, because the Ghost blogging platform does not do that.

We do, however, use some features of the Ghost blogging platform that we find beneficial to both you and us.


In order to obtain emails from us whenever we make a post of something, you can optionally subscribe via the email subscription at the bottom of every web page.

Emails you receive from us contains a link at the bottom of the emails allowing you to unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time.

Your email is stored securely on the Ghost servers but only accessible by us. We will not share your email with anyone else.


If you have subscribed, you will have made the purchase through Stripe. You accept to their terms and privacy policies upon doing so. We do not see your debit or credit card details, and your subscription is securely processed through Stripe.

There are currently no benefits to subscribing. This feature is non-optional but will be used as a means to accept donations.

Thank you for using Twinspire Framework!