Much contemplation around the map system led me wondering if it was necessary and too much for an interactive story. After reconsideration, it seemed only fitting to take a different approach. There will be a form of exploration, just not tile based.

Sections still exist, but they are now placed inside Places of Interest. We will also be exploring character gossips, which is the concept that when the player enters a section of a map or place, there will be non-player characters to talk to.

Here, we have a section aptly named "West Gate" – you know, because there is a gate in the west – and options tied to it.

The option "Visible to Player" is not what you think it would be. The tooltip for this option reads:

This section becomes immediately visible to the player once any and all conditions set below are met. Otherwise, it is assumed a script will activate this section.

For example, if this was not visible to the player even if the condition for visibility is set to "Always" as above, then the section won't ever be available. However, other visibility conditions exist that might make more sense when combined with this option:

  • On Place First Entered - This section becomes available to select when the player has entered this place of interest. If "Visible to Player" is disabled, then a script unlocks access to this section, or if that script has been executed before, then this condition must to met for this section to be visible.
  • Entrance Fulfilled - This section becomes available once any and all sections marked as Always have had any scripted events fulfilled. As above, if not otherwise visible, then a script will activate it instead and fallback to this condition when necessary.
  • Scripted - This simply means that the section becomes available via a script. Since this is a scripted condition, this means that the script must be repeated each time the player enters the place of interest. It does not make sense for "Visible to Player" to be true in this instance, as we are going to assume the script has been activated before.


Although this section (excuse the pun) of the editor is incomplete, it is worth mentioning that this somewhat basic looking interface will have some form of code construction. This will have to come later once the rest of the features of the editor is complete, since this gossip system is effectively the primary way to navigate the world of this story, or any story written with StoryDev.

In the next article, I will discuss the Artefacts and Item systems that will be put in place. These may seem simple, but Artefacts in particular will have more to them than just for discovery and collection purposes.

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