No, not literally from debris to machine. But it can be an art to perfect the engineering of software performance and cryptographic algorithms. Not that we will be doing anything like that. If that is what you came here expecting, sorry. That isn't going to happen.

What will happen, however, is continued development of Twinspire as we work together on building a video game. In the coming months, we will plan, design and develop a video game using Twinspire (giving us the barebones essentials to create a launchable application), and even C# and WinForms technology to build an editor that will go alongside.

Did you see my post on procedural code? Well, let that sink in because much of the programming practices found within the context of the video game code will be a lot different from what you are used to. That doesn't mean it's bad, everyone has a different style of coding and ways of working with the computer. Is it possibly a better approach to object-oriented programming? In theory, it is. But only time will tell.

We will begin by designing and putting together the editor. I will not be presenting any content going into the video game, because this will be a video game you will be able to purchase later. However, as I'm feeling generous, people who subscribe on this website will not only get the game for free, but you will also be able to follow along with the video game code as it develops and get more insight and in-depth tutorials on how to build a video game using Twinspire.

Additionally, we also want to offer priority bug fixes to anyone using Twinspire or any new features of it if you are subscribed to our website.

Features of Twinspire will be added over time, but you can also consider the in-depth tutorials provided as knowing how the Twinspire API evolves and is conceptualised, and you will have a firm understanding of it by the time it makes it into the public Twinspire repository.

So, to summarise:

  • First, we design and build an editor. Everyone can follow this in their own time, subscribed or not.
  • We will update weekly on summarising what has been done, why and how.
  • Then, we will start conceiving and developing the video game engine that brings all the content together from the editor into action. These in-depth tutorials will only be accessible to paid members, but we will give weekly updates available to everyone in a devlog format.
  • Once a version of the video game is complete, they will be given out for free and early to subscribers while everyone else will have to wait until an actual release date.*

*One of the conditions is that you won't be able to get the game for free if you subscribe after a release date has been announced.

Is this all clear? Good. Then let's get started.

P.S. Some of the editor has already been designed and put together. But more on this later...

Developer at home, customer services at work. In my free-time, I enjoy writing and coding.