Let's break off from our usual suspect articles and talk about something more interesting. Since the upcoming feature in our StoryDev editor is going to take a little longer to complete, it only makes sense to add a variety of different topics.

So, what does it mean to be spiritual? Why even talk about it? What brings this subject on?

Well, there is a reason why a video game is being made – it is designed to send a spiritual message. You make decisions in conversation that leads to positive or negative outcomes, and those outcomes should be obvious but subtle at the same time. In the same way that our actions each and every day will lead to positive or negative outcomes. We each have our own way of living, but it should be obvious what is spiritual and what isn't.

However, it may not be very clear to some people what being spiritual actually means. No, spiritual does not mean to represent yourself as a cuddly furry with wings that spreads enlightenment and wonder – you know, in terms of faith or a desire to please. Spiritual also does not mean to be a philanthropist or mission reworker. It's not an act, it's to know. To know that what you do is right rather than act out misrepresentation of the self to fulfil someone else's desires.

An act to help should be backed by knowing it is right to do so rather than persuaded or coerced to do so. It should be backed by our own understanding of a subject, rather than the information taken from a sole source.

What it means to be spiritual is our own interpretation of the facts and information set before us, and knowing that when we act out such information from our own interpretation that no fear is represented by it.

We have many situations we face in our lives that are obstacles, effectively tools used to help us learn. These are not random events that happen. Everything happens for a reason.

Let's discuss the two types of situations we face day-to-day, what I will call "macro situations" and "micro situations".

Macro Situations are situations manifested into reality by people or groups of people outside of our individual control, but directly affect us. Just take the coronavirus and how, within that macro situation, that has changed global politics and future decisions. This is not a situation we can directly control.

Micro Situations, on the other hand, are situations where we, as individuals, happen to get ourselves involved with. It could be anything from meeting a seemingly random stranger who later becomes an important friend or an accident which happened because you were meant to be somewhere else.

These situations are situations we do have control over, and that is what our primary focus will be throughout this article.

Understanding our Situation

Spirituality is subjective, but the result should be the same. Whoever we speak with or whatever we know, each and every one person considering themselves spiritual, no matter what background they have, come to the same conclusions: that we are all one energy or one consciousness vibrating out and into so-say "individuals" in a constant sea of never ending knowledge and experience.

What we think, imagine or manifest are remnants of our self. Everything we see or perceive is vibrations of energy within a band of frequency we call visible light.

But to understand our situation, we must first understand that we are all one energy, simply living different lives at different points of observation in an endless sea.

But now we get to our situation, what does it mean?

Everyone lives a different experience, so that is all on us to decide, but let's break it down to generalise.

Every major event that happens in our life is not random. Our interests and desires always mean something to you, but it may not be obvious what it is for until later.

But, then, you have to wonder why some people live shorter lives than others? Did they make too many mistakes? Were they not paying attention to these seemingly random events? There could be any reason why.

Why do bad things happen to good people, is a question too commonly posed by average people. Perhaps that's why so many people shy away from adventure and live only a mediocre life where nothing really happens, so they end up stuck and limited (no doubt that's what the system wants).

But often these "bad things" are simply misinterpreted. Like all "micro situations", they are not "bad", per se, but rather a tool to learn. When we get stuck in the mindset of "bad things will happen", we develop a natural fear. But it is because of this that we don't evolve.

Our situation is different between us all, but in actual fact the outcome is always the same. We have obstacles on our path to evolution, and it may take years, or even lifetimes, to achieve evolution. What matters is determination and having no fear.

So, what does it mean to be spiritual?

Nobody really knows the answer to this. We each have our way of living, a path, the way "out".

Although the specifics of what it means to be spiritual is different between people, the result of everything we do should eventually become obvious. For some of us, it may be too late. For others, we are still learning. And finally, even teachers still have yet to remind themselves of their own teachings.

While many can and may remain stuck for any period of time, for those of us in "the know", it is our duty to assist as many of those who remain stuck to return to the path. In doing so, we become greater than that seeking the opposite of spirituality, which therefore must be regression, a step backwards.

Now we must do what we think (know) is best.

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