We do not have to be interstellar travellers, by any means. But we do need to know the world we live in before we can embark on new adventures.

This is where our Places of Interest come into play, because without it player's will be confused and disoriented and bewildered and tunnel-visioned and–okay, you get the idea.

As with all systems, we have a bog-standard interface to manage and search all the Places we enter into the database. We have a map option available, but this does not function as yet since maps don't exist. We will work on this later.

Let's get to the more interesting part: Activities.


Each activity in each place is a way of evolving your characters. As explained here, traits allow characters to evolve, becoming happier as they complete them. These are tied with this system, so the two go hand-in-hand.

Activities are related to character traits. There is no other way to advance character traits without completing activities. Activities are either the breadcrumbs or the bread and butter of the game, depending on how you look at it.

In the above example, our activity titled "Prepared Journey" is "Hidden Until Discovered". This means that this activity is not shown to the player until the Journal "Investigating the Kidnappings" page 2 has been reached. Since this Journal entry is a Main story entry, as explained here, it makes sense that this activity only shows to the player when it is reached.

Other types of activities might instead be shown to the player, but not allowed to be started until either other activities have been completed or certain character options become available.

We are assuming at this point that non-player characters are approached purely via the conversation system we have yet to implement. But this seems counter-intuitive, and we will go back to the character system once we begin implementing our map system next.

Let's explain the rest of what is happening above:

  • Progress is measured in two ways: On Part and On Complete. Progress values entered here determine how much progress should be made against a character trait.
  • On Part progress is when a single part of an activity is complete, but not the entire activity.
  • On Complete progress is when the entire activity is complete. If this happens, on part would not be triggered as we do not want an overlap.


Although this Place system took longer than anticipated to complete, there is more to it under the hood than what meets the eye.

Although maps is an exciting feature, the database is slowly growing and we will need a more effective way of searching the data. This will be the next stage of StoryDev.

Stay tuned for the next part.

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